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Shure Cartridges

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M44-7 Shure Turntablist Record Needle

Our Price: $79.00
M44-7 Shure Turntablist Record Needles Features ultra-high skip resistance and output, ultra-low record wear, and a big bass sound emphasis. Ideal for scratching. 
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M92E Shure Value Phono Cartridge

Our Price: $49.00
M92E Shure Value Phono CartridgeLightweight, user-replaceable cartridge features low stylus mass, biradial diamond stylus tip, excellent sound reproduction, and low record wear. Ideal for home audio listening. 
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M97xE Shure Phono Cartridge

Our Price: $99.00
M97xE (Free Shipping Continental US) Audiophile Phono Cartridge Smooth sound and extremely accurate sound reproduction over entire frequency range. Elliptical stylus. 
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N44-7 Shure Replacement Stylus M44-7 Cartridges

Our Price: $39.00
Shure N44-7 Replacement Stylus M44-7 
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N92E Shure Replacement Stylue for M92E Cartridge

Our Price: $25.00
Shure Needle N92E Replacement Stylue for M92E Cartridge 
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SC35C Shure DJ Record Needle

Our Price: $59.00
SC35C (Free Shipping Continental US) DJ Record Needle Standard DJ Needle well suited for both scratching and mixing 
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Shure N97xE Replacement Stylus for M97xE

Our Price: $59.00
Shure N97xE Replacement Stylus for M97xE 
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SS35C Shure Replacment for SC35C Cartridge

Our Price: $19.00
Shure Needle SS35C Replacment for SC35C Cartridge 
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Whitelabel Shure DJ Record Needle

Our Price: $109.00
Whitelabel Tailored for the club environment 
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